The Don Stewart (DS) Scholarship is set-up in memory of Dr Don Stewart, an intensivist, a philosopher and a pioneer in critical care medicine and ultrasound.

Purpose of Scholarship

To advance critically ill patient care through critical care education and research

The Scholarship

There are three types of Don Stewart Scholar:

  • Don Stewart Research Scholar
  • Don Stewart Scholar (Education)
  • Don Stewart International Visiting Scholar

The Don Stewart Research Scholarship

  • The Research Scholarship is granted for the purposes of advancing critical care translational research and any research that utilizes critical care ultrasound, and be used for employment of research staff, consumables, equipment, specific purpose computer & software, statistical consultations, publications and travel allowance for conferences or meetings.

The Don Steward Education Scholarship

  • The Education Scholarship is used for further education with a focus on providing travel and living expenses while receiving critical care education elsewhere (nationally or internationally).  It is a condition that the successful applicant will return to Nepean Intensive Care Medicine and serve for a period of at least 12 months.

The Don Stewart International Visiting Scholarship

  • The Don Stewart International Visiting Scholarship is awarded to an eminent international scholar who, upon receiving the Award, shall spent not less than three months in an approved Institution to teach and perform research.

Frequency and values of the Scholarships

  • The Scholarship is normally available every 2 years, or annually depending on the financial position.  
  • The Scholarship may not be granted in any year due to any reasons.
  • The Committee shall decide whether a combination of (more than one) Scholarships or a single Scholarship be granted each time.  The total amount shall not exceed $50,000.

Selection criteria

  • The applicant must be an Australian resident and a member of NICCER, except for International Visiting Scholarship applicant.
  • It is not available to incumbent Committee Members.
  • The research or educational activities shall conform with the purpose of Scholarship and, if available, the research theme as sets out by the Committee from time to time.  
  • The applicant shall not concurrent hold a NHMRC Project Grant, or any grants.

Application & selection procedure

Don Stewart Research and Education Scholarships

  • Invitation for applications shall be announced on NICCER website.
  • All applications shall be submitted in a prescribed form available on the website within the deadline. 
  • All applications shall be reviewed by a panel, appointed by the Committee, of not less than 3 independent reviewers who have no conflict of interests with any of the applicants or their projects.
  • Selection of Research and Education Scholars awardee(s) shall be based on merit, and such purposes and criteria decided by the Committee from time to time.
  • The Committee can decide not to grant the Scholarship if none of the applicants are suitable.

Don Steward International Visiting Scholarship

  • Prospective International Visiting Scholar shall be nominated by the Committee Member. 
  • If there are more than one nominees, a panel of not less than 3 Committee Members shall decide the awardee through discussion.