About ePre-courses

ePre-courses are online pre-reading materials that are provided as an additional component of some NICCER courses. A pre-test and post-test of the contents are included within the pre-reading.

Registrants of these courses can access them as part of their enrolled course and should complete the pre-readings and both the pre- and post-tests prior to attending the actual course. Completion of the relevant ePre-course is a mandatory requirement for the Certificate of Completion.

Please note that ePre-courses are designed to provide a condensed content and summary of each course, and as such, are not a substitute for actual courses, which often include hands-on practice, interactive sessions and/or simulation sessions.

Accessing ePre-courses

To access ePre-coure, please login the NICCER website using the Login/Logout tab, then come back to this page and click on the ePre-course below to enrol. Enrolment is free for course registrants.

The ePre-course for the course you registered will appear below within 3 business day. If you do not see the ePre-course, please email to enquiry@niccer.asn.au. It is possible that no ePre-course is available for the course you registered, but we will let you know.

How to complete the ePre-course?

Each course is divided into one or more Sections, and each Sections contains:

  • a Pre-test (quiz) to test your knowledge before the Lessons,
  • one or more Lessons and
  • a Post-test (quiz) to test your knowledge after the lessons.

Please go through the quizzes and lessons in order. Just click the quiz or lesson you want to go through. Completed quizzes and lessons will have a tick next to them.

Note the following when doing the ePre-course

  • Please complete the quizzes within the time limit. Failure to do so may result in a Failure and not be able to re-access the quizzes or course. If that is the case, you will need “Retake the course” all over again.
  • Click “Complete” after you finished each lesson. Do not click “Finish course” until you have finished all the lessons and quizzes.

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