About ePre-courses

ePre-courses are online pre-reading materials that are provided as an additional component of some NICCER courses. A pre-test and post-test of the contents are included within the pre-reading.

Registrants of these courses can access them as part of their enrolled course and should complete the pre-readings and both the pre- and post-tests prior to attending the actual course. Completion of the relevant ePre-course is a mandatory requirement for the Certificate of Completion.

Please note that ePre-courses are designed to provide a condensed content and summary of each course, and as such, are not a substitute for actual courses, which often include hands-on practice, interactive sessions and/or simulation sessions.

Accessing ePre-courses

The ePre-course for the course you registered will appear below within 3 business day. If you do not see the ePre-course, please email to enquiry@niccer.asn.au. It is possible that no ePre-course is available for the course you registered, but we will let you know.

Note that ePre-course will NOT be available before 2021.