Established in 2008 the Nepean Institute of Critical Care Education and Research (NICCER) is a registered charitable body in NSW Australia dedicated to education and research for critical care professionals including, but not limited to, doctors, scientists, nurses, academics and allied health staff.


Our objectives are to support critical care education and research, and to provide education to critical care professional so that they are equipped with useful modern knowledge and skills to face the challenges in managing and caring for their patients. To achieve the latter, we provide different courses throughout the year in different locations so that useful knowledge and skills touch as many corners of the world as possible. In developing countries which are in need of such knowledge and skills but cannot afford to pay for the courses, we run courses for free or for a discounted price.

Unlike other charities, NICCER does not actively seek donations. The main source of NICCER income is from running courses which heavily rely on passionate volunteers who sacrifices their own time. Although NICCER is not a large charity that has sponsorship or support from the Government, we do however provide small supports for education and research activities. For example, NICCER provides Education Funds to support junior critical care professionals to attend courses or conferences for education purposes. Small Research Funds are available to sponsor research publications or to support small research projects. Details are available in our Education & Research Support page. Of note, these research grants are only open to NICCER Academic or Clinical Members, and Associate Members.

In the past few years, and for once every 2 years, we have been offering Don Stewart Scholarship to internationally renowned educators and researchers to come to Australia. They traveled around Australia and to neighbouring countries to teach and to share their research skills and experiences. This helps enhancing the clinical and research skills and knowledge in the wider critical care community.

Our websites

To cope with the continuous development of the Association, we developed this new website ( to cope with the increasing activities.  The previous website is now merged with  Please be assured that the quality of the courses offered remains the same, if not higher.

Knowing the importance of community communications, our new website incorporates a Forum for members to share their experiences and views. The Forum also provides a fertile ground for exchange of ideas. Joing the Forum as a Forum Member is free!

You can join NICCER as an Academic or Clinical Member or an Associate Member. If you are interested in joining, please visit our Membership page or write to if you require more information.

Moving forward

2020 is a difficult year for many due to COVID pandemic.  For NICCER, 2020 gave us the opportunity to pause and to self-reflect, and we also took this opportunity to recharge and to redesign.   With past experience and new ideas, we introduced some changes to face the new challenges in the next decade.   We look forward to having your continue support!