The Nepean Institute of Critical Care Education and Research hold regular Rapid Assessment by Cardiac Echo (RACE) workshops throughout the year. Private workshops can also be arranged at individual hospitals for a minimum of 10 participants. For further informtion regarding private workshops please contact us.

Rapid Assessment by Cardiac Echo (RACE) is a one day practical course on the application of ultrasound in assessing the heart and chest in the acute setting.

The objective of RACE is to enable the acute care physician to evaluate:

  • Pericardial effusion/tamponade
  • Left ventricular contraction
  • Right heart function
  • Right hard preload
  • Pleural effusions

The Rapid Assessment by Cardiac Echo (RACE) Workshop is suited to the physician wishing to learn basic echocardiography as an extension of the physical examination.


The RACEplus course is an extension of the RACE course and normally spans over 2 – 3 days. RACEplus covers the RACE content plus some advanced TTE and critical care general ultrasound topics. 

The content of RACEplus includes: 
Day 1: Basic RACE workshop which is suitable for physicians with little or no prior knowledge of TTE but wish to learn critical care TTE as an extension of their physical examination skills.
Day 2: Advanced modules such as lung ultrasound, echo in hypotensive patients and/or case interpretation workshop.  Content may differs according to location and needs.

Upcoming RACE courses: