According to Chinese Horoscope, 2024 is the Year of the Dragon and symbolises energy and success. Like the energetic Dragon, we have already started to plan our activities in 2024! The first RACEplus, the most welcomed echo courses due to its high quality, is kicking off in February in the scenic Blue Mountain this year. Another one is planned in April in Sydney (Potts Point). For those who missed out the registration or could not join us in Blue Mountain, can register for the Potts Point RACEplus.

We are also planning to run the Practical Intermediate Echo (PIE) course in Sydney in July this year. For those who has attended a basic transthoracic echo course (such as RACEplus), and wants to move on to understand and perform proper Doppler measurements, PIE is the one course for you. Details will be available soon.

In view of the current inflation, we fully understand the difficulties people are facing. Hence, we decided not to increase the price for RACEplus in 2024 despite the expenditures for the courses and the day-to-day running costs of NICCER have increased considerably. Once again, we are fully indebted to our enthusiastic volunteers which made our courses affordable, if not the cheapest, yet maintaining the highest quality we can offer.

Finally, let us wish you all the best and every success in 2024, the Year of the Dragon!