PIE for Critical Care

Practical Intermediate Echocardiography (PIE) is a new 2-day intermediate level transthoracic Doppler echocardiography course targeting at more experienced or advanced practitioners. 

At present, many basic (Level 1) echo courses are offered to critical care physicians.  These basic echo skills offer “on the spot” bedside cardiac and haemodynamic assessments.  While useful, it stops short at more in-depth Doppler assessments that provide much more precise and useful information for better patient management.

The PIE course aims to help critical care echo enthusiasts to learn the what, how and why of Doppler assessments.  The materials covered in this course is designed to meet the need of day-to-day critical care practice.

This course is particularly useful to:

  • Practitioners who are already performing basic level echobut would like to advance their skills and apply Doppler echo in their clinical examinations.
  • Practitioners who are already performing Doppler echobut want to perfect their Doppler skills or want to learn more on assessments using proper Doppler measurements.
  • Practitioners preparing for advanced CCE qualifications.

There is a well-balanced of didactic lectures and hands-on practice in the course.   We used a novel experimental research approach in the hands-on sessions to help building up the confidence in Doppler measurements. 


To ensure effective learning experience, participants should have attended a basic level critical care echocardiography course and have performed at least 30 TTEs (proofs not required).

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