Our RACEplus team members joined forces with international experts in running a basic echocardiography (RACEplus) and an advanced echocardiography courses in the 42nd International Symposium of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (2023) in Brussels. The course director was Professor Anthony McLean (left, front row in the picture), and was supported by a real world class faculty team. 2023 marks the 19th Anniversary of the ISICEM echocardiography courses and most, if not all, of the original faculty members are still enthusiastically taking part in the teaching. The team welcomed a new young trainer Dr Emma Bowcock from Nepean Hospital since 2022. The picture above is a group photo of the faculty, from left: Dr Emma Bowcock, Professor Anthony McLean, Professor Michelle Chew, Dr Antoine Herpain, Professor Michel Slama, Professor Antoine Vieillard-Baron, Professor Daniel De Backer and Professor Stephen Huang. Missing in the photo was Professor Paul Mayo, who rushed off for another meeting before the photo was taken.