Our courses

NICCER organizes a number of courses to help you advance your clinical and research skills.

NICCER is known for its ultrasound courses since its establishment in 2008, in particularly Rapid Assessment by Cardiac Echo (RACE), Leura Advanced Echo and Nepean General Ultrasound for Critical Care (NGUCC) courses. These ultrasound courses are known for its balanced contents – didactic lectures with hands-on sessions, and have been in high demand. We also ensure each course is delivered in the highest quality by our experienced trainers. Most of our trainers comes from different specialties/professionals and corners of the world, and many are internationally known for their research and teachings. The books Critical Care Ultrasound Manual (McLean & Huang eds, Elseviers, 2012) and Oxford Textbook of Advanced Critical Care Echocardiography (McLean, Huang & Hilton eds, Oxford University Press, 2020) are just two of the many publiications to quote.

With new teachers and new skills, we are planning to extend our courses to other challenging areas, such as Practical Intermediate Echocardiography (PIE), biostatistics and evidence-based medicine, in the near future.


An exciting area where we are developing is the provision of ePre-courses to those who registered for our courses. ePre-courses are online courses serve as pre-readings for the courses and is offered to registrants only for free. Each ePre-course consists of a few sections consisting of different chapters that correspond to the materials we teach in the course. There are pre-test and post-test in each section to ensure effective learning process. To earn Certificate of Completion, the registrant needs to complete and pass the ePre-course as well as attend the course. We need to emphasize that ePre-course cannot replace the actual course itself because there are components that cannot be delivered on online learning, for example hands-on trainings, face-to-face discussions, simulations and/or group exercises. Once you registered for a course, you need to create an account when you check out and use your username and password to login and complete the ePre-course.

Upcoming courses

New courses will be posted as soon as the dates are available.

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