Prof Stephen Huang

Stephen is a Professor at the The University of Sydney Medical School (Nepean Hospital).  He is the Co-ordinator of Evidence-based Medicine at the University of Sydney Nepean Clinical School, and is also a critical care echo-physiologist with keen interests in critical care echocardiography and haemodynamic research & teaching.  He is an accredited sonographer and a Chartered Statistician, and has over a hundred publications, including numerous book chapters and peer-reviewed papers on critical care echocardiography.  One of his recent research paper published in Intensive Care Medicine was the Top Cited Articles in 2023 in the journal.   He is the main author and editor of two books: Critical Care Ultrasound Manual (2012) and the Oxford Textbook of Advanced Critical Care Echocardiography (2020).   

Stephen runs a number of NICCER courses, and delivered numerous lectures on ultrasound, research methodology and statistics both locally and internationally.  He is well known for his “simple approach to complicated concepts” in his teachings.  Stephen has been a NICCER ultrasound trainer since 2008, and is now serving in the ESICM’s European Diploma in Advanced Critical Care Echocardiography (EDEC) Committee and in the Expert Panel.