Dr Lao Weng I, Daisy

Dr. Daisy Lao is a multi-skilled Emergency Medicine Specialist in Macao.  Not only is she a Fellow in Emergency Medicine, but she is also trained in Disaster Medicine and Pre-hospital Emergency care. She obtained a Master in Pre-hospital and Emergency Care from Chinese University of Hong Kong.  She spent some clinical attachment time at the Cardiovascular Ultrasound Laboratory at Nepean Hospital (NICCER) in 2016 where she learned and consolidated her echocardiography skills.  She was an instructor of various echocardiography courses in Hong Kong, Macao, and mainland China, and is a member of the Critical Care Sonography Special Interest Group of China Association for Disaster & Emergency Rescue Medicine.

Daisy was active in promoting the integration of critical care elements in daily emergency room setting in the past decades, both locally and internationally. She is a well-known local emergency physician resuscitating and stabilizing critically ill patients in emergency room, wards, and sometimes out of hospital settings.  She cannot imagine how life as critical care physician would be without echocardiography.