2024 Sydney PIE – a true Aussie PIE!

The first Aussie PIE will take place in Potts Point, Sydney, on 13-14 July 2024. The Practical Intermediate Echo (PIE) workshop is not an advanced echocardiography course and do not prepare the participants for exams (i.e. not an exam coaching course), but is a very practical workshop aims to teach those who already attained beginner’s

Practical Intermediate Echo (PIE)

PIE for Critical Care Practical Intermediate Echocardiography (PIE) is a new 2-day intermediate level transthoracic Doppler echocardiography course targeting at more experienced or advanced practitioners.  At present, many basic (Level 1) echo courses are offered to critical care physicians.  These basic echo skills offer “on the spot” bedside cardiac and haemodynamic assessments.  While useful, it