Thank you all for coming to RACEplus in Potts Point on 21-22 November 2020!

We tried out a few new things in this course, including a pre- & post tests, a hands-on focused assessment session, and some new presentations. Based on the feedback and comments, we will aim for a better course next time.

Here are just some examples of the many positive comments received about the course:

“Excellent course, big thank you to faculty and models…”

“Perfect course for beginner / very helpful instructor…”

“Hands-on practice very useful & great tutors”

… instructors’ feedback on probe positioning / adjustment… very helpful. Case studies were very interesting and helped demonstrate utility of RACE.”

“Everyone was very helpful and explained things clearly and succinctly. I feel I learned significantly more than I expected… perhaps more time spend on explanation on how to do measurements on the machines.”

“Great course, really appreciate the live feedback…”